When you decide to go through cocaine withdrawal and leave your addiction behind, you need medical help. Although cocaine withdrawal is more manageable than some drugs in many ways, it comes with its own challenges. To get through these challenges, you need medically supervised cocaine detox. Other drugs, like opioids and benzos, bring many physical symptoms during withdrawal. However, cocaine withdrawal mostly includes psychological symptoms. But you should never underestimate the problems you can and will suffer during your cocaine detox. Instead, start and finish this process the right way through a medically assisted detox program at a cocaine detox center.

What Is Cocaine Withdrawal Like?

Cocaine Detox Center in Utah - Ardu Recovery Center, Provo UTGoing through cocaine detox is mentally and emotionally difficult. This causes physical symptoms, such as fatigue from lack of sleep, as well as chills, tremors, muscle aches, and nerve pain. You also suffer concentration problems, loss of pleasurable feelings, inability to experience sexual arousal, depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or actions, and drug cravings. With these feelings, you experience increased appetite, vivid dreams, and nightmares, slower thinking, and restlessness.

Medical detox helps you break through your symptoms and the possibility of relapse midway through your withdrawal. This means you make it into rehab treatment and start rebuilding your life. At a medically supervised cocaine detox center, you feel more comfortable and certainly safer than going through withdrawal at home.

For people ending cocaine abuse, increased risk of suicide is common. If you experience withdrawal symptoms of depression and mood swings, this risk increases. Not using your cocaine takes away the only feelings of pleasure you have experienced since starting the drug. These feelings of depression and dissatisfaction with your life make getting into rehab treatment after your cocaine detox center treatment even more important.

Your Cocaine Detox Timeline and Experience

Everyone is different in their addiction and how they recover during treatment at a cocaine detox center in Utah. But you can expect your withdrawal to last about seven to 10 days. As with other drugs, your cravings will happen suddenly in treatment. But you also feel these cocaine cravings for years after sobriety takes hold.

Withdrawal in your cocaine detox center in Utah starts quickly. Cocaine has a very short half-life. So your symptoms appear as soon as 90 minutes after your last dose. How you experience these symptoms and for how long depends on your individual cocaine history, personal health and mental wellness. This is why you need a cocaine detox center in Utah providing individualized treatment plans.

If you used cocaine for a lengthy period, your withdrawal naturally hits you harder than if you abused the drug for a very short period of time. How much you used with each dose also plays a role, as does poly-substance abuse of alcohol or other drugs. Many people suffer cocaine and alcohol addiction at the same time. With poly-substance abuse comes even greater risk in detox, making your time at a cocaine detox center in Utah critically important.

If you used the drug to escape from stress, feeling stress after sobriety makes you want to use again. This stress includes relationship problems, work problems, family strife, or money problems to name a few. You also risk a relapse if you suffer a co-occurring mental disorder like depression. Without dual diagnosis treatment in your chosen cocaine detox and rehab, you risk relapse when you feel depressed or suffer other signs of your own mental illness.

Utah Based Cocaine Treatment

Building a better life after cocaine addiction starts with getting into the right treatment program. In Provo, Utah, cocaine detox and rehab take place at Ardu Recovery Center. Programs and treatments of Ardu Recovery Center include:

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