Chronic pain is a serious affliction affecting thousands of Americans. Due to the long-term, often incurable nature of the pain, narcotics present a poor solution often leading to dependence and addiction. A chronic pain treatment center is the only way to break the cycle of addiction and also healthily manage pain.

Non-Narcotic Inpatient Chronic Pain Treatment

Inpatient Chronic Pain Treatment Center UtahAt Ardu Recovery Center we specialize in inpatient chronic pain treatment utilizing a variety of methods to avoid the use of narcotics. The residents we treat in this program have a multitude of medical conditions resulting in long-term or recurring physical pain. These could be caused by past injuries or possibly rare medical conditions and can sometimes be incurable. Whatever the reason, the need for constant pain management makes the use of highly addictive narcotics not a viable option for these patients.

This creates a need for effective pain management treatments that rely on relief without prescription painkillers. At Ardu we offer advanced inpatient chronic pain treatment that also follows our model of using medical and holistic treatments. Often certain medical treatments used alongside specific physical therapies can produce amazing results for those suffering. Doing so without using narcotic painkillers helps to end the cycle of addiction while also offering relief our residents need.

Getting the Help You Need

Ardu Recovery Center has extensive experience in chronic pain treatment. We understand the frustration of being unable to find relief without the use of addictive prescription drugs. You no longer have to choose to live with pain or risk your health. Our inpatient chronic pain treatment center can offer you the relief you need without the use of narcotic drugs.

Following the philosophy of our other forms of addiction treatment, we believe in a comprehensive approach to healing. By combining standard medical practices with proven holistic treatments we allow our residents the greatest chance of finding relief and sobriety. Some of the treatments we offer at our inpatient chronic pain treatment center include:

  • Steroids
  • Local anesthetics
  • Massage and stretching
  • Light exercise

Through a practiced and proven treatment regimen, we ensure our residents come out of our inpatient chronic pain treatment with a renewed body and outlook. No one should have to suffer under the burden of chronic pain. Ardu Recovery Center’s specialists are experts at effectively treating your chronic pain without the use of narcotics.

Breaking the Cycle With an Inpatient Chronic Pain Treatment Center

At Ardu Recovery Center’s inpatient chronic pain treatment center, we have a commitment to breaking the cycle of addiction for all of our residents. Importantly, this also includes those who developed addictions through the long-term use of narcotics for pain management. Our goal is always to provide a healthy life for our residents. Whether prescribed or not painkilling drugs claim far too many lives each year. We target the addiction on every level possible while also assisting those who have a genuine need for pain management.

If you or a loved one suffers from addiction due to prescribed treatments for chronic pain, then contact the inpatient chronic pain treatment center at Ardu Recovery Center today. Our trained specialists will design a plan that fits your exact needs and treats your addiction and your pain simultaneously. Additionally, some of our other rehab programs include:

Don’t live under the umbrella of chronic pain coupled with addiction. Contact Ardu Recovery Center at 801-810-1234 today and get the help you need now.