When you suffer addiction to drugs or alcohol, you need support and help to achieve lasting recovery. In fact, your early sobriety sets the tone for the rest of your life. This is why many people choose medically assisted recovery treatment for the safest and most successful means of getting sober. Through medical help, you can end your opioid or alcohol addiction once and for all.

Benefits of a Medically Assisted Recovery Center

Medically Assisted Recovery Center - Ardu Recovery Center,Medically assisted recovery treatment uses medications and practices to wean you from your drugs or alcohol. You undergo this weaning in a comfortable, peaceful setting while also receiving the nutrition and therapies you need. Once the drugs clear from your body, your transformation in mere days may feel surprising. These quick changes help you build energy for the rest of your rehab treatment and your future.

Medically assisted recovery in detox takes about three to seven days. After this early sobriety takes hold, you enter rehab where you learn coping skills and other methods for lasting wellness. Learning takes place in therapies, support groups, education sessions, and individual counseling. In some rehabs, you gain hands-on learning through outdoor activities, too.

After abusing opioids and alcohol, you risk serious medical issues when you quit using. Some withdrawal symptoms include seizures, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, coma, heart attack, and even death if a medical team doesn’t manage the detox. This is why going “cold turkey” or detoxing alone is such a bad idea.

Through medical detox, you start recovery on a healthier foot. You benefit through reduced withdrawal symptoms. This makes detox more comfortable and keeps you feeling positive. Since caring staff members monitor your health signs, help is near if and when you need it.

Do I Need Medical Detox?

Knowing whether you need medically assisted recovery is difficult without a doctor’s help. However, through a quality medically assisted recovery center, you likely have options for your detox and rehab treatment. These options include holistic methods for detox if you do not require weaning using helpful medications.

Through an initial assessment and medical recommendations, you learn what the best method of detox is for your individual needs. Even if a holistic, non-medical approach is safe for your detox, you still gain the benefit of having medical staff nearby. They watch your symptoms while providing the comforts, nutrition, therapies, and treatments needed to end your physical dependence in good health.

True Recovery Begins in Rehab after Detox

Detox in a medically assisted recovery center only starts your road to recovery. You still need rehab treatment, a range of therapies, counseling, support, guidance, and education. If you suffer a co-occurring mental illness under a dual diagnosis, you also need help for that condition. All of this treatment takes place in a quality medically assisted recovery detox and rehab.

Ardu Recovery Center in Provo, Utah provides a medically assisted recovery center and holistic detox programs for drug and alcohol addiction. You start your treatment at Ardu Recovery in detox, then begin residential or outpatient rehab. Ardu Recovery programs include:

No matter where you are in your addiction, help is near. You only need to rise up against your ongoing substance abuse. Ardu Recovery Center name comes from the Gaelic term for “rise up.” At Ardu Recovery in Provo, you start building a better life and leave drug or alcohol abuse behind you.

Contact Ardu Recovery Center today at 801-810-1234 for more information about this quality medically assisted recovery center in Utah. Ask about medically assisted recovery, holistic detox, and rehab treatment to start planning for your brighter future.