How long did it take before meth hooked you? For some, it only took one use. Despite its high addiction potential, it’s possible to get off the drug. The Ardu Recovery Center’s innovative meth addiction treatment lets you quit using while developing defenses against relapse.

The Danger of Dopamine

Meth Addiction Treatment Program - Ardu Recovery CenterOne of the integral parts of a good-quality meth addiction treatment program is drug education. If you don’t know how the substance got its hooks in you, you’re at high risk of relapse. Meth is the type of drug that overwrites the brain’s reward center. It causes a dopamine glut, which is the body’s feel-good neurotransmitter.

Because it now floods your system, you experience a euphoric high. However, you’re paying a steep price for this temporary feeling. Meth alters your brain chemistry to the point that it can’t release dopamine without artificial stimulus. Therefore, you physically need the drug just to feel normal.

At Ardu Recovery Center’s meth addiction treatment center in Utah, therapists routinely work with residents who tried to quit. However, because they suffered from deep depressions every time they attempted to stop, they kept using. Many no longer live for the initial high that has now become elusive. They live for a new normal since they can’t trigger dopamine release with regular activities.

How Meth Addiction Treatment Combines Modalities to Break the Hold of the Substance

There’s no magic bullet. Participating in a meth addiction treatment program takes hard work and dedication. Of course, it’s worth it. You can break the hold that this drug has on your life.

At the Ardu Recovery Center, several modalities work together to help you reach this goal. Examples include:

  • Detoxification that includes amino acid therapy for deep healing of drug-related bodily injuries
  • One-on-one talk therapy that provides opportunities for behavioral therapeutic approaches
  • Dialectical behavior therapy as a means for gaining control over strong emotions in stressful situations
  • Group therapy sessions for addiction education, as well as relapse prevention, strategizing
  • Mindfulness training that enables meth addiction treatment program residents to diminish stressors and use triggers
  • Holistic therapeutic interventions that support emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Cognitive-behavioral therapy, in particular, is a highly effective meth addiction treatment. It focuses on patterns of dysfunction. When there’s a breakdown in the connectedness between feelings, thoughts, and actions, drugs become the chemical crutch. The therapy enables you to pinpoint problems and then fix them.

Therapists in a meth addiction treatment center in Utah work with you to develop coping skills that respond to the situations you typically deal with. Customization is a crucial element for success with this modality. Some therapists use roleplay while others encourage journaling. It depends on your needs and responses to the therapy sessions.

There’s Never a Wrong Time to Seek Treatment

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for substance abuse is only one of the modalities that you might undergo during meth addiction treatment. Besides that, there are other interventions that you might respond to even more. Therapists custom-tailor an approach for you. They can work with anyone, no matter how long the person has been using meth.

Some residents enter meth addiction treatment with the mistaken belief that there’s no hope for them. After a short while at the Ardu Recovery Center, they learn that this isn’t the case. It’s never too late for anyone to rise up again after drug abuse. Contact Ardu Recovery Center today at 801-810-1234 to find out what a life of recovery could look like for you at a meth addiction treatment center in Utah.