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10 Warning Signs of Addiction

Addiction can change a person. You may notice changes in a loved one and not know what is going on. If you suspect it could be addiction or some form of substance abuse, you may notice some of these warning signs of addiction.

  1. Mood swings—addiction often leads to mood swings. While experiencing the high of an addiction, a person will be upbeat and positive. But while going through withdrawals, they will experience very low lows.
  2. Unexplained spending—addiction is a pricey thing. Disappearing money and unexplained expenses can be a sign of drug or alcohol abuse.
  3. Sudden weight loss or gain—substance abuse can dramatically change your appetite and thus result in either an increase or decrease in food intake. Sudden and unexplained weight loss or weight gain could be a sign of addiction or substance abuse. Weight loss is more common in those dealing with addiction.
  4. Changes in sleeping patterns—those dealing with addiction are much more likely to develop a sleep disorder. Addiction can lead to insomnia, poor sleep quality, and sleeping long hours during the day. If you notice a loved one sleeping late into the day and struggling to sleep at night, it may be due to addiction.
  5. Trembling hands—uncontrollable shaking or trembling is a common side effect of substance abuse. This usually happens during withdrawals. You may also notice cold sweats.
  6. Enlarged pupils and bloodshot eyes—drug use causes blood vessels in the eyes to expand, causing bloodshot eyes and changes in pupil size. Most often this change is enlarged or dilated but it may also be constricted.
  7. Poor work or school performance—addiction has a way of taking over life. It can lead to distraction. A person may start showing up late or not showing up at, they may experience trouble focusing, and tiredness throughout the day.  
  8. Acting distant and secretive—often when a person is experiencing addiction, they withdraw from others in their life. They may be trying to keep their addiction a secret, they may be in denial about it, or they may be feeling shame.
  9. Lost interest in other things—because addiction has a way of taking over, an addict will often lose interest in other hobbies and things they used to care about. They will have trouble focusing on anything but their addiction.
  10. Irritability—when going through withdrawals, addicts will become increasingly irritable. Addiction changes the makeup of the brain and greatly alter attitude. You may not even recognize someone because an addiction can change them so much.

If you or a loved one is battling an addiction, you can find hope and healing at Ardu Recovery Center.  Our team of trained professionals will work with you one on one and in groups to see you through the path of recovery and help you to return to a happy and successful life, addiction-free. Contact us today to learn more!