How should you pay for a stay at a residential rehab facility? Some people use out of network rehab insurance. What is that and are there other ways to pay? Ardu Recovery Center answer your payment-related questions?

Will My Insurance Company Help Pay for Rehab?

Out of Network Rehab Insurance - Ardu Recovery CenterThe law specifies that insurers must cover drug addiction. They must do so in the same way that they pay for the treatment of other medical conditions. However, each company does it differently. Most importantly, even within the same company, there are different plans.

Your degree of coverage depends directly on the insurance plan that you chose. Furthermore, Ardu Recovery Center works with a variety of major insurers. Examples include Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and many more. Some of them cover your expenses as out of network rehab insurance.

What is Out of Network Rehab Insurance?

Sometimes, insurers contract with particular facilities. They refer to them as in-network providers. If you go to one of these centers, the insurance company pays a higher percentage of your care costs. However, you might not want to travel to one of these facilities.

Maybe, you prefer the modalities or treatment approach of another center. If it does not have an individual contract with the insurer, your plan pays a lower percentage. Industry insiders call this out of network rehab insurance. Although your out-of-pocket costs are a little higher, you receive the care you want where you want.

How Can I Find Out About My Insurance?

Ardu Recovery Center intake specialists understand that talking to insurance companies gets complicated. You’re just trying to get well. Additionally, it shouldn’t require you to spend hours on hold with plan representatives. That’s why our team handles the insurance verification for you.

Experts contact the insurer and go through your plan document with care. They’ll also help you find all the benefits to which you’re entitled. By simplifying the process in this way, you know exactly what the plan pays for. When you’re dealing with out of network rehab insurance, it’s easy to budget for your part of the bill.

What are Additional Payment Options for Rehab?

The Ardu Recovery Center frequently works with residents who pay cash. Even though they have insurance, they prefer to have a private transaction. Doing so allows them to use an alias during treatment. It makes them feel more secure knowing that nobody can trace their rehab stay.

Additionally, others take full advantage of their insurance coverage. Supplementing any co-insurance costs is possible with personal loans. Many lenders also specialize in working with people who need money for medical procedures. Going this route helps you maximize your benefits.

Why Do Insurers Work with the Ardu Recovery Center?

Our center offers the alcohol, drug, and heroin addiction treatment Salt Lake City trusts. Addiction specialists use evidence-based modalities. Most importantly, we provide detoxification as well as rehab on the same campus. Doing so minimizes the danger of relapse.

Examples of therapeutic interventions include:

  • Medically assisted detox with consistent supervision for best outcomes
  • Holistic treatment options for residents who prefer not to use pharmacological support
  • Behavioral therapies that undo dysfunction and pinpoint healthy coping skills
  • Psychotherapy for individuals with underlying anxiety or depression
  • Pain management that’s instrumental in overcoming opioid addictions

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You’re struggling with substance abuse right now but are ready to rise up and make a change. Finally, discover what benefits of your out of network rehab insurance coverage you could leverage. Most importantly, learn how addiction specialists could customize a care protocol just for you. Contact Ardu Recovery Center intake counselors today by calling 801-810-1234.