Methadone helps many people end their opioid addictions through replacement therapy. But when you or someone you love abuses methadone and suffers addiction to this otherwise helpful drug, you need methadone addiction treatment. Through these detox and rehab treatment services, you gain freedom from substance abuse and real hope for lasting recovery.

Why Is Methadone Addictive?

 Methadone Addiction Treatment Program - Ardu Recovery CenterMethadone is an opioid. But this medication helps many people taper off their other opioid drugs, easing withdrawal symptoms. So it is not unusual to receive methadone therapy in detox for heroin or other opioids. Many clinics also provide methadone to maintain sobriety after addiction.

Like other opioids, methadone changes how your brain and overall nervous system respond to pain. But this drug does not work as rapidly as other painkillers. It also blocks your high. So if you try to use heroin or another opioid while using methadone, you do not feel desired effects.

Still, methadone is addictive. When you develop tolerance to it, then follow that up with increasingly larger doses, you become addicted. With this addiction, you need the same treatment as other substance addictions.

Methadone Addiction Treatment

Methadone addiction is a substance use disorder, just like heroin addiction or alcohol dependence. When you started using methadone, you likely did so as a hopeful end to earlier addiction. So now you find yourself needing methadone addiction treatment, starting with detox.

The difference with methadone addiction treatment at Ardu Recovery in Provo, Utah is that you will not receive treatment only for your symptoms of withdrawal. That is where unsupervised methadone tapering goes wrong, often leading to a new addiction. Instead, you undergo detox and a range of therapies designed to help you put substance abuse behind you.

Your methadone addiction treatment begins in detox, where your Ardu Recovery specialists use holistic and medical methods to help you break through your symptoms of withdrawal. You remain safe and supervised throughout this process that takes place according to your own, individual treatment needs.

After detox, you enter the rehab phase of your methadone addiction treatment program. In rehab, you learn why you started abusing drugs in the first place. You gain the therapies, support, and education you need to stop the cycle of substance abuse and prevent relapse, with all of this learning and growth taking place at Ardu Recovery’s methadone addiction treatment center in Utah.

Dual Diagnosis Methadone Addiction Treatment

Many people start abusing drugs or alcohol in an effort to self-medicate other problems, such as anxiety or depression. If you suffer a mental illness at the root of your addiction, you need treatment for that mental illness at the same time as your methadone addiction treatment program. This type of program that treats both of your problems at once is dual diagnosis treatment.

Dual diagnosis treatment helps you understand your underlying mental illness. You gain therapies needed to overcome your symptoms. But more importantly, you learn how to live with your mental condition in good health, without turning to drugs or alcohol. For this, you gain knowledge in your methadone addiction treatment program, along with coping and relapse prevention skills.

Ending Your Cycle of Methadone Addiction at Ardu Recovery in Utah

Ardu Recovery is a methadone addiction treatment center in Utah that understands your needs for true, lasting recovery. This young women’s and men’s drug rehab center in Utah even help people who have not succeeded in recovery after prior treatment.

Treatment methods of Ardu Recovery’s methadone addiction treatment center in Utah include:

Do not give up on yourself or the recovery you truly want, even if treatment failed for you in the past. Instead, rise up against your addiction through the methadone addiction treatment program at Ardu Recovery. After all, Ardu Recovery takes its name from the Irish Gaelic term meaning “to rise up.” Contact Ardu Recovery now at 801-810-1234.