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Medical Detox Centers: 8 Things to Look For

Medical Detox Centers: 8 Things to Look For

Addiction recovery is difficult enough, especially when it comes to drug detox. Finding the right medical detox center is crucial for individuals looking to overcome addiction, but what are the indicators of a good detox center? What specific things should stand out when you’re looking at pamphlets, speaking with specialists, and weighing your options?

Reputable detox centers should offer addiction-specific treatment, have proper licensing, certification, or accreditation, a trained staff, and should always provide medically assisted detox to ensure a patient’s safety, among other things. Services and characteristics like these will ensure that your recovery goes smoothly. 

Let’s look at how these things make a successful medical detox center and what else you should watch when choosing between detox centers for you or a loved one. 

  • Look for Addiction-Specific Treatment 

Good detox centers should focus on drug-specific treatment if you want a higher chance of success. Not all addiction affects individuals in the same way. If someone is dealing with alcohol addiction, they’ll need an alcohol detox program. If they’re struggling with opioid addiction, they’ll need opioid-specific treatment. 

If a detox center doesn’t provide the treatment you need, it’s best to look for a center that does. Trying to fit the mold and enter rehabilitation that doesn’t apply to your specific issues can worsen things by causing unnecessary frustration and difficulty integrating into the program. 

  • Check for Licensing, Certification, or Accreditation

Medical detox centers certified by a respected organization are the best option for proper medical detox. These facilities will provide you with the best care, services, and resources to overcome your addiction in the most professional, caring, and effective way. 

Some of these neutral organizations include: 

  • The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
  • The Joint Commission: This organization accredits and certifies health organizations and programs within the United States. The Joint Commission is recognized nationwide and conducts regular inspections of facilities nationwide. 

Alongside accreditation, medical detox centers should boast a good reputation among their communities and have a proven track record for successful recovery. With so many detox centers in the United States, you’ll want to check online reviews and feedback from your primary care provider before you decide on a facility. 

  • Check for Trained and Certified Staff 

Detox centers should have adequate staff that is both licensed and possesses the necessary training to treat substance abuse. Ask about the staff’s certification before deciding on a medical detox facility to ensure you get the treatment you need. Dealing with an unqualified staff can make things frustrating and cause you to give up on your treatment. 

These facilities should also have an excellent patient-to-staff ratio so that all patients are appropriately cared for. An understaffed treatment center won’t do anyone any good, and specialists will find themselves too spread thin to be able to meet the needs of those recovering from addiction. 

  • Make Sure the Detox Center You Choose Offers Medication-Assisted Detox 

Medicated-assisted detox is crucial for individuals recovering from alcohol or opioids; without it, these types of detox can become dangerous. Drug withdrawal can cause gastrointestinal distress, bone and joint pain, muscle aches, and more. 

Most detox centers provide medication-assisted treatment to relieve withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal is dangerous and can become unmanageable to the point of relapse if you don’t have the right services to help you through this challenging aspect of addiction recovery.

  • Look for Aftercare Programs 

Addiction recovery is an ongoing process. Though you might feel like you’re ready to take on the real world after completing rehabilitation inside a detox center, it’s important to look into aftercare programs to manage possible withdrawal symptoms and avoid a relapse. 

Aftercare programs provide continued individuals with continued support after their initial addiction treatment, making the journey less arduous. Aftercare could include joining a support group or therapy sessions to help you learn more about addiction management strategies. 

  • Personalized Approaches to Addiction Treatment 

There’s nothing more crucial during addiction recovery than feeling safe. A safe environment will help you feel more comfortable with sharing your story and allow you to be more receptive to the treatment. 

Personalized approaches to addiction treatment can include joining groups that you can relate to or that match your personal identity for an added sense of security. Effective detox centers look at the different needs of men, women, teens, minority communities, and more to create engaging and supportive environments for recovery. 

  • Evidence-Based Treatment 

Accredited and licensed rehab centers will often offer evidence-based treatment as their primary form of treatment. This addiction treatment is backed by years of academic research and ongoing patient observation for a higher success rate. 

EBT can be broken down into different forms, including types such as: 

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy 
  • Trauma therapy
  • Acceptance therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Motivational therapy 

These sessions are usually offered in single and individual therapy and are led by a licensed therapist. EBT therapy can range in duration, with sessions lasting anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes and running for three to six months. 

  • Family Focused Therapy

Addiction doesn’t just affect the individual; it has a lasting impact on their family. Detox centers offering family-focused therapy are vital in helping someone going through addiction recovery connect with their family and keep sight of their goals. 

Most people who attend addiction treatment do it for themselves, but they may also have family in mind, making family-focused therapy a great motivator. 

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