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How the Process Works at Nearby Medical Detox Centers

Detoxification is the first step in drug recovery. It breaks the physiological hold that a drug has on you. Until you successfully complete this program, you can’t focus on rehab, which tackles the psychological addiction. Are you wondering how the process works at nearby medical detox centers?

Who’s a Good Candidate for a Stay at Medical Detox Centers?

How the Process Works at Nearby Medical Detox CentersYou’re abusing alcohol or opioids. Both substances have painful and potentially dangerous withdrawal symptoms. In a facility with medical supervision, treatment specialists protect your health and keep the process pain-free. Once you break the physical addiction, you’re ready to move on to rehab. However, medical detox centers are also good options when you’re dealing with an addiction to a different drug. Furthermore, if you have a poly-drug addiction, the assistance of medical treatment during withdrawal is vital. If you’ve relapsed once or multiple times, consider a brief stay at a center to get back on track. Doing so can make a significant difference in the success of any subsequent treatment.

What Happens In Medical Detox Centers?

By now, you probably realize that taking this step is vital for healing. However, you’re still a little apprehensive about what goes on at the centers. Typical treatments include:
  • Consistent medical monitoring throughout your stay
  • Pharmacological support that assists with pain relief and cravings control
  • Methadone detoxification if necessary
  • IV amino acid therapy to speed healing and promote overall wellness
  • Nutritional treatment that introduces nutrient-rich meals into your diet to help you regain your physiological health
Throughout the withdrawal process, you work with an addiction counselor to stay firm in your resolve to quit using. Similarly, this treatment specialist assists you when it’s time to transition to rehab. They’ll be a resource, goal-setting partner, and cheerleader. If this is your second or third time in detox, they’ll help you find out what it’ll take to assist you better.

Making the Move to Rehab

When you work with medical detox centers that offer rehab in the same building, the transition is smooth. You’ll notice that medical supervision slowly comes to a halt while therapeutic interventions pick up. Therapists now work with you to uncover what made you reach for a substance in the first place. In the process, you heal mentally, emotionally, and continue to do so physically, too. If you’re at a facility that doesn’t offer rehab as well, it’s vital to check into a center as soon as possible. Every day that you spend outside of rehab is an opportunity for a relapse. Remember that you’ve only overcome the physiological dependency in detox. This means that your body no longer believes it needs the drug to survive. You now need to persuade your mind to follow suit. At Ardu Recovery, you have the opportunity to experience the advantages of combined rehab and medical detox centers. Learn what it means to rise up and live sober again. Contact Ardu Recovery Center today at 801-810-1234 to connect with an intake counselor.